Why Traveling Can Heal a Broken Heart

/Why Traveling Can Heal a Broken Heart

Why Traveling Can Heal a Broken Heart

Broken heart? A relationship ended badly? The person you had been dating for a while proved to be very different from the way you had thought? Well, we all went through it. I went through it. And most likely, we will go through it again. In those moments, the best thing we can do for ourselves is something that gets our mind off our troubles and makes us happy.

Here are 7 reasons why traveling is the best medicine for a broken heart:

You will be far away, both physically and mentally.

In Italy we have a saying: away from the eyes, away from the heart. Nothing can be more true! Knowing that you have zero chances of meeting that one person and having to deal with the resulting awkwardness/anger/attraction/resentment has an immediate pain-relieving effect. I am here and you are there… and let’s keep it that way!



You will live in the present and it will be wonderful!

We often have the tendency to live in the past, to think about all we could have said or done, to analyze how we could have handle a situation differently. All we are doing is exhausting ourselves mentally and wasting precious time. Taking a trip is definitely the best way to start living again and enjoying the present while forgetting about the past.



It is all a matter of “filling the gap”

When things with that one person don’t go well, we experience a sort of emotional void and go through destabilizing changes in your everyday routine. We were used to waking up with a “Good Morning” text and to be invited out to dinner. We were used to fancy up when going out. At a certain point, those things are no longer there; we face a void that needs to be filled before it becomes an abyss. We often tend to fill that void with the wrong things or the wrong people, but a trip is the best way to fill that empty space with the right things because traveling can become the best history lesson, or geography lesson, or culinary lesson. And learning something new will always make us better individuals. The best way to fill the void is trying new things and doing things we enjoy. In other words, traveling represents the solution!



Never underestimate the power of a vacation flirt.

Who never had summer flirts which lasted the time of a vacation? Well, if you did, you will know how enjoyable and healing they can be. They can help you forget your broken heart and somehow, without even realizing it, they mend it and help you enjoy life. They will definitely leave you wondering, what would have been like if we had lived at least in the same continent? You will wonder for a while, then it will pass and you will realize that you have recovered from your pre-vacation heartache and you are ready for a new love. That’s because sometimes vacation flirts act as a bridge between a past relationship and a future one, or in any case between a relationship which ended badly and a new beginning.



You will meet new people.

If you travel alone and you stay in a youth hostel, opportunities greatly increase. When you are alone, you are more likely to get to know total strangers and a simple chat in a hostel’s bar can actually develop into a good friendship.



You will visit new and beautiful places.

You will see amazing places, you will take stunning pictures, you will eat food you have never eaten before, you will talk to the locals, and it will be unforgettable.



You will rediscover the charm of solitude.

If you travel alone, you will rediscover the charm of solitude, a state that is no way as bad as you might have previously thought. Being alone and learning to be alone is one of the best experiences you can possibly have and one of the most therapeutic as well.




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