The Ultimate Guangxi Itinerary

/The Ultimate Guangxi Itinerary

The Ultimate Guangxi Itinerary

Guangxi is an autonomous region inhabited by the Zhuang people, the first ethnic minority in China (also present in large numbers in neighboring Yunnan).

I spent three beautiful but intense days in the province of Guanxi as I visited a great number of sights. To this day, this remains one of the most beautiful trips I have ever taken not only in China but worldwide.

Read below my ultimate Guanxi Itinerary:


Guilin is truly beautiful and it is one of my favorite cities in China. Its main attraction is definitely the Li River, which is also displayed on the 20 yuan bill.

There is a Chinese saying that perfectly captures the essence of this wonderful place:

The mountains and rivers in Guilin are the best under the sky




However, the Li River is not the only attraction Guilin has to offer:


Elephant Trunk Hill

As you might expect from its name, this landmark and tourist attraction in Guilin has been named Elephant Trunk Hill because it looks like an elephant drinking water.


Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave is also known as “The Palace of Natural Arts” and represents one of the most important tourist attractions in Guilin. This cave is over 180 million years old.



I arrived in Yangshuo after a cruise on the Li River, which had departed from Guilin. Unfortunately, I spent only a few hours in the Yangshuo County, but enough for a walk, a taste of local food, and the opportunity to snap a few pictures. From Yangshuo, I returned to Guilin and then set off again for the Longsheng rice terraces.



The rice terraces of Longsheng are certainly very characteristic and are in fact an authentic example of the rural Chinese landscapes that are still fairly unknown abroad.

The feeling of walking free from any thoughts or worries through these unique rice terraces, meeting the local farmers still wearing the traditional local clothes was priceless. Everything appeared so authentic that it did not seem real! Here are a few suggestions for your visit to the Longsheng terraces:

  • Spend a night on the terraces; there are many guesthouses and hostels where you can stay.
  • Stroll around the terraces.
  • Ask local women to take off their hats and show their hair. The women in this area belong to the Yao Tribe and are famous because of their long hair. It is said they have the longest hair in the world; in fact, according to tradition, starting with their first menstrual period, they stop cutting their hair and keep it hidden in a hat.

  • Try bamboo rice.
  • Wake up at dawn to see the sunrise on the rice fields.



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