SINGAPORE – Staying at Marina Bay Sands

/SINGAPORE – Staying at Marina Bay Sands

SINGAPORE – Staying at Marina Bay Sands

Singapore, which many consider Asia’s crown jewel, is definitely a city that deserves a visit. So beautiful, full of lights, clean, chaotic just enough, Singapore is absolutely one of the most stunning Asian cities.


I have some vague memories of when I visited with my parents as a child; at that time, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel didn’t even exist. In the last several years, the desire to return got stronger and stronger until I finally did it and I have to admit that Singapore is as beautiful as I imagined it and remembered it.

In recent years, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel has become one of the main attractions in the city and the reasons are easily imaginable.


On the outside, its architecture is grand and extravagant. It is impossible not to notice its unique style. Inside it is a luxury hotel,  connected to a casino, to the Science and Art Museum, whose architectural style is fabulous both inside and outside, and to several restaurants. The rooms are spread among three towers and on the top floor, there it is: the Marina Bay Sands pool, one of the most photographed pools in the world and I have to admit, one of the most spectacular pools I have ever seen.

The view from the rooftop is breathtaking; there are several restaurants and bars, also accessible to people who are not guests at the hotel.



The pool, on the other hand, is a luxury only available to hotel guests. The pool itself is rather simple; its most amazing features are the view and the architectural details.


When I travel, I don’t like spending too much time inside hotels, but I did make an exception for this pool. I spent an entire afternoon until the evening and even a couple of hours on the day I left, just before checking out, on the side of the pool sunbathing, sipping delicious cocktails, and obviously… taking pictures and videos of myself in the pool.






While lounging by the pool, you can order snacks and drinks and fortunately prices are not as high as you would expect. I ordered a club sandwich, several non-alcoholic coconut cocktails, and one drink of which I cannot remember the name, but I perfectly remember the color: PINK.





What goes on at the Marina Bay infinity pool is definitely entertaining: in fact, just few guests actually relax by the pool; the majority is too busy taking pictures, selfies, and videos. Although I saw very few people swimming, I saw very many with a cell phone in their hand!



And if you take pictures very seriously, you can always request a professional photo shoot, which you will only pay if you are satisfied with the final product.



On the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands, the Cé La Vie Bar, which is also accessible to non-guests, is definitely worth a visit. The atmosphere is very classy, with a view to die for, and a good selection of wines and cocktails. If on the other hand, you want to eat a full meal, there are several restaurants a few feet from the pool, which are open to the public. Personally, I ate at Spago, but there are plenty of other choices. Here is a list of restaurants that you can find at the Marina Bay Sands.




Aside from the rooftop, one of the things I appreciated the most at this hotel was breakfast. Breakfast is always one of my favorite things when I stay at luxury hotels. The Marina Bay offers a selection of 4 restaurants and the variety of food would please anyone. From main courses to desserts, from gluten-free to vegan or vegetarian dishes, from the typical ingredients of western cuisine to those of Chinese and Asian tradition, you name it, it’s there.

Although breakfast is not usually included in the price when you make a reservation from platforms like or TripAdvisor, you can still enjoy this service by paying extra.







The location of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel is absolutely convenient. You have direct access to the Museum of Art and Science and to a humongous shopping mall. The skyline around the hotel is stunning at night and with a few minutes’ walk you can find some of the main attractions in Singapore, such as the Panoramic Wheel and the Gardens by the Bay.

Rates per night at this hotel are definitely not cheap but if you’d like to visit Singapore, there are endless options for all types of budgets.

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