20 Pictures That Will Inspire You To Visit Venice

/20 Pictures That Will Inspire You To Visit Venice

20 Pictures That Will Inspire You To Visit Venice

After spending almost five years in China and traveling mainly within Asia, last winter, during a visit to my family in Italy, I decided to spend a weekend in Venice with my best friends to celebrate Carnevale (Mardi Gras).

(Celebrating Carnevale in Venice should definitely be on your bucket list, as it is one of the most famous in the world!)

I already visited Venice twice as a child but I had never gone back as an adult. After a couple of years living in China, I felt the strong desire to know and see more of my own country, especially considering the fact that while traveling within China, I visited so many cities called “the Venice of the East”. Therefore, when the opportunity to see the real Venice came up, I jumped on it!

This floating city was even more beautiful and unique than I expected and remembered. Although Venice is famous for its romantic and warm atmosphere, I guaranteee you it can also be a really fun place to experience with friends.

There is no other city like Venice. Venice is like a museum where you don’t have to buy a ticket! It is not hard to understand why this city is on everybody’s bucket list and considering the crowds, people do a pretty good job of crossing it off their list.

Anywhere else in the world, you get around by car, bus, or subway, but when you are in Venice, you’ll get around by boat. Taxis are boats and public buses are boats as well!

I still remember how I felt when I exited the train station and instead of grabbing a regular taxi on wheels, I had to grab a boat taxi. I felt like a foreigner in my own country and amazed by everything I saw.

Apart from this, what makes Venice – and Italy in general – so special is the architecture, the history, and of course, the art.

The main architectural style in Venice is the so-called Venetian Gothic Style, which combines the use of the Gothic arch with Byzantine and Moorish influences. This style originated in the14th century with the introduction of the Byzantine style imported from Constantinople.

Take a look below to see 20 pictures that will inspire you to visit Venice…



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