15 Pictures That Will Inspire You To Visit The Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve

/15 Pictures That Will Inspire You To Visit The Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve

15 Pictures That Will Inspire You To Visit The Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve

I have been saying this in almost every post about China and I am going to say it here as well: China is much more than just Beijing, Shanghai and Xian! China is HUGE, China has mountains, the sea, forests, deserts and the list can go on forever!

Living in China has helped me realize how beautiful this country really is, full of nature and incredible off-the-beaten-path places. I have been traveling alone (with my backpack) almost everywhere in China. I am constantly looking for unexplored destinations and so far I have been quite happy with my travels in this country that I call home.

For a long time, I have been dreaming about visiting the Sichuan region, mainly because I am deeply in love with its food (this subject alone would require an entire article), which is HOT and SPICY. However, since many websites talk about the Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve, I decided to put it on my list and to visit it during my trip to Sichuan.


Here are 15 pictures that will inspire you to visit one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my entire life. If you are wondering whether I used photoshop or any other similar program, the answer is NO! None of the pictures I took there needed Photoshop or similar programs; the colors are naturally beautiful and if you don’t believe me…GO THERE AND CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!
















How to get to the Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve:


By bus: this is the best option, but it takes about 8 hours from Chengdu; the distance is approximately 450 km

By air: the nearest airport is Jiuhuang. Flights from/to Jiuzhaigou are not frequent and really expensive. However, if you can afford it, the flight from Chengdu takes 40 minutes.

From/to Jiuhuang airport to/from Jiuzhaigou Park: there is a bus every 30 minutes from Jiuhuang to Jiuzhaigou and vice versa. A one-way ticket costs 45 yuan and the ride takes 40-50 minutes.



You can read more about Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve here


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