10 Safety Tips for Female Solo Travelers

/10 Safety Tips for Female Solo Travelers

10 Safety Tips for Female Solo Travelers

I am a girl traveling alone and I will always continue to do so. There are in fact many valid reasons why a girl should not deprive herself of the pleasure of traveling alone. I strongly believe that traveling alone helps you grow, evolve, and develop your own sense of independence. Given that, it is still necessary to recognize that traveling alone is more difficult for a woman than for a man. This is why I want to share with you some important tips that have greatly helped me during my many trips alone. Here are 10 safety tips for solo female travelers:


Research thoroughly:


The internet is a wonderful resource available to us … let’s use it! Conduct your own research on blogs, travel sites, embassy websites for the countries you intend to visit. Learn about the local political and economic situation, safety, customs, and holidays.


Respect different cultures:


Some countries have traditions and customs similar to ours, but many others do not! This is why understanding and respecting the local culture is very important. Dress appropriately, respect religious sites, and avoid talking about sensitive issues such as politics and religion.


Dress like a local:


The easiest way to receive unwanted attention is by not respecting the local dress code! So please, try your best to dress like a local, which in some countries means forgetting about the “dress to impress” rule and avoiding looks that are too provocative.


Choose a communal accommodation:


Despite the preconceived ideas that many have about hostels, I think they are extremely safe and are actually preferable if you are traveling alone. In addition, many hostels offer single rooms, so if you do not like sharing your sleeping quarters with perfect strangers, you can always choose a single room (at a higher cost, of course) but with still all the benefits of a hostel, like the opportunity to meet other people traveling alone.


Share your itinerary:


Sharing where you are and where you are going is extremely important! In case of an emergency, friends and relatives will know how to contact you and where to find you. Let the locals know that at home everyone knows where you are going and staying.


Medical insurance:


This tip applies to everyone, not just to women traveling alone. Although it is important to always be positive, you need to be realistic and know that anything can happen. This is why health insurance is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, especially in countries where the healthcare system is not the best.

You can get your travel insurance from my blog; click on the picture you see below.


Make technology your best friend:


The internet connection on your phone must never be missing! Buy a local SIM card so you can always – or almost always – have access to a 3G network, and do not forget to share your new phone number with your friends and relatives at home!

If you are alone in a taxi, you can use the map on your phone to understand whether the driver is going in the right direction.

Use your phone to get a copy of your passport and visa / entry stamp.

Search for the best applications that will help you during your trip and download them!


Do not get drunk:


Although it might seem like a really obvious and stupid suggestion, while in Thailand, I actually had to take care of a 21 year-old girl traveling on her own. So please, do not get drunk when alone. I am not saying to not have fun; I think it is still ok to go out and have a few drinks, but you have to be fully aware of your limits. My limit is quite low: when I am particularly tired or hungry, just one cocktail is enough to make me drunk. Also, ALWAYS check your drinks and do not drink anything offered by people you don’t know.


Show confidence:


Never give the impression you are worried or lost. Always look confident, always show you know exactly where you are, even if you are completely lost!

Always remember: Fake it…until you make it!


Watch your valuables closely


These days we all travel with a smartphone, computer, camera, or drone! All these items are very attracting to thieves! Always watch your possessions closely, try to hide them as much as possible, and only use them when necessary.


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